sir what is isostructural & isosteric???

sir what is isostructural & isosteric???


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Sudheesh Singanamalla
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12 years ago

Iso-structural crystals are those crystals having same type of crystalline structure.

Iso-steric crystals are those crystals which have similar electronic arrangements in chemical compounds.



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Ashwin Sinha
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12 years ago

Isostructursl-Two crystals are said to be isostructural if they have the same structure, but not necessarily the same cell dimensions nor the same chemical composition, and with a 'comparable' variability in the atomic coordinates to that of the cell dimensions and chemical composition. For instance, calcite CaCO3, sodium nitrate NaNO3 and iron borate FeBO3 are isostructural. 

Isosteric-having the same number of valence electrons inthe same configuration but differing in the kinds andnumbers of atoms

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