calculate the percentage of p-charater in the orbitals of P4 forming p-p bond

calculate the percentage of p-charater in the orbitals of P4  forming p-p bond


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11 years ago

Dear student,

Hybridization of P4 is sp3.
which means one s-orbital and 3 p-orbitals.
% p = (p-orbitals / total orbitals)x100
%p = (3/4)x100 = 75 %

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11 years ago

P is SP3 hybridised in P4  so P character is 75%

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11 years ago
in p4 phosphorus is p3 hybridised s orbotal do not participate on bonding lone pair electrons are prsent in pure s orbital thus 100% p charecter
in p4 molecule s orbital do not participate in bonding so molecule is p3 hybridised so p char. 100%
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4 years ago
There is no sp3 hybridisation in p4Bcoz there is participate pure p orbital in hybridisation Sooo there is 100% pure p orbital
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4 years ago
In P4 molecule there are all single bonds which means that  P4 has sp3 hybridization. Hence % p character = 3/4*100 = 75% which is the required answer. 
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2 years ago
Their is no hybridization in P4 due to Drago's rule ( en of p is 2.12 and p is of 3rd period) and it's lone pair is in inactive s orbital just like PH3

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