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Arjit Raj Grade:

h2o2 is polar or non polar, since it has got non planar structure it should have a " net dipole moment. please clarify in solid and liquid phases...

is h2o2 a stronger oxididsing agent than water. what about reducing character. and in which medium acididc or basic??????

7 years ago

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Dear student,

Hydrogen Peroxide is a is a strong oxidizing agent and a weak acid in water solution. The formular is similar to that of water, with an extra atom of oxygen attached, H2O2. It is completely soluble in water. Pure anhydrous hydrogen peroxide is a colorless to pale blue  syrupy liquid which decomposes violently into water and oxygen if heated above 80 C. it also decomposes in light and in the presence of metal ions or oxidizable organic materials. A small amount of stabilizer such as acetanilide is added to the solutions to retard the decomposition. One volume of hydrogen peroxide releases ten volumes of oxygen when it decomposes. It is commercially prepared by electrolysis of ammonium bisulfate or potassium bisulfate with sulfuric acid. Catalytic oxidation of hydrogen and water with oxygen using nickel, palladium, or platinum with an anthraquinone, reaction of barium peroxide with sulfuric acid and by oxidation of isopropanol with acetone are also industrial processes for the production of hydrogen peroxide.

7 years ago
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