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In the following coordination compounds, 1. [Fe(NH 3 ) 6 ] 2+ 2. [Ni(CN) 4 ] 2- the electrons dont get paired even in the presence of a strong ligand.Why is it so?

In the following coordination compounds,

1.  [Fe(NH3)6]2+

2.  [Ni(CN)4]2-

the electrons dont get paired even in the presence of a strong ligand.Why is it so?


1 Answers

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10 years ago

Dear student,

When the geometry and the metal are held constant, the splitting of the d orbitals decreases in the following order.

CO CN- > NO2- > NH3 > -NCS- > H2O > OH-   F-   -SCN- Cl- > Br-  
strong-field ligands                           weak-field ligands

Ligands that give rise to large differences between the energies of the t2g and eg orbitals are called strong-field ligands. Those at the opposite extreme are known as weak-field ligands.

Because they result from studies of the absorption spectra of transition-metal complexes, these generalizations are known as the spectrochemical series. The range of values of delta for a given geometry is remarkably large. The value of deltao is 100 kJ/mol in the Ni(H2O)62+ ion, for example, and 520 kJ/mol in the Rh(CN)63- ion.


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