sir please tell me the tricks to learn periodic table

sir please tell me the tricks to learn periodic table


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Sudheesh Singanamalla
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11 years ago

Print out the periodic table and go through it before going to school and after returning from school . In 10 days u will know the whole peridoic table by heart !

AKASH GOYAL AskiitiansExpert-IITD
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11 years ago

Dear Somy


Grp 1   ---   Hai LeeNa Ki Ruby Cse Friendship

Grp 2   ---   Beta Maange Car Scooter Baap Roye(Ra)

Grp 13 ---   Baigan Aloo Gajar In Thaila

Grp 14 ---   Casting Simmi Garewal Sang Prabhudeva

Grp 15 ---   NewZealand Pakistan Australia Sab Bike

Grp 16 ---   O S Se Te Po ( Us se Teepo)

Grp 17 ---   Fine Colour & Brightness In Aiwa-tv

Grp 18 ---   Hai(He) Na(Ne) Agar-Kar Xzero Run


The D-block elements

 Here, i would prefer to attack in a row-wise (period-wise) manner.

Period 4 - Taking up the 1st row of D-block, that is the 4th Period in the table, break it down into two equal halfs: viz.Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn and Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn

For the 1st half – Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn – remember it as – Scandium saw Titanic in Vettri Chrompet Theatre withManganese

For the 2nd half – Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn – remember it as if your are reading of the Symbols – Feh Co Nee Ku Zinc –FeCo   NiCu   Zn – Fe,Co and Ni,Cu are two couples whereas Zn is a bachelor :P ( Be careful not to mess up the order of Cobalt – Co – and Copper – Cu – while remembering it )

Period 5 – Assume, this period is a story about two friends Y (Yttrium) and Z (Zed/Zee – Zirconium). Now, Y and Zare two friends and they say “Namba(Nb) Teacher(Tc) R-square(Ru,Rh)” (Our teacher R-square). Then they sing, dance to music from a CD – Padi(Pd) Aaadi(Ag) Cd

in short: Y and Z – two friends – say “NambTeacher R-square” – and Padi, Aadi to a Cd ……. Sounds good ??

Period 6 – For this one, i would like to approach it from the reverse. That is Hg, Au, Pt, Ir, Os, Re, W, Ta, Hf

Expanding and associating each symbol with easy to remember words like:

Hg – Mercury – Marie – a brand of biscuit which is popular in India

W – Tungsten – Wandhichu or Vandhichu- meaning “to come” or “to get affected with”

Ta – Tantalum – Theriyuma – meaning “do you know? “

So imagine your talking to the element Hafnuim (Yup! Hafnium is a tamilian and knows tamil :P Absolutely no questions to be raised here !!), the complete sentence in tamil is like

“Marie Gold Platinum biscuit saaptu Irridium ku Soree Wandhichu Theriyuma Hafnium ?”

The same with some more explanation in braces for better understanding would be:

Marie(Hg) Gold(Au) Platinum(Pt) biscuit saaptu Irridium(Ir) ku SoRee(OsRe) Wandhichu(W) Theriyuma(Ta)Hafnium(Hf) ?”

which translates to “Hey hafnium, did you know that Irridium got a bad itch after eating Marie Gold Platinum biscuits ?”

And not to forget the first element of the 6th period (also the first element of the Lanthanides) – Lanthanum !


All the best.                                                           


AskiitiansExpert-IIT Delhi


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4 years ago
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unnati kasaundhan
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4 years ago
You can make your own tricks to learn periodic is more helpful to you bcoz if you use your own mind then you learn more..........I hope this will good for you please try to make some new ideas to make your own tricks.......all the best

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