plz tell what are intrinsic colloids?

plz tell what are intrinsic colloids?


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Dear Nikhil

Depending upon the affinity of the dispersed phase for the dispersion medium, colloidal systems can be classified into following two categories. 

        (i)   Lyophilic sols                     (ii)    Lyophobic sols .

 Lyophilic sols: These tem lyophilic means liquid-loving (i.e. solvent loving). Certain substances have an affinity for certain liquids and readily form colloidal dispersions with them. The substances which when mixed with a suitable liquid (dispersion medium) readily form colloidal solutions are called lyophilic colloids or intrinsic colloids and the sols thus formed are called lyophilic sols. When water is used as the dispersion medium, such colloids are termed as hydrophilic colloids and their colloidal dispersion in water are known as hydrophilic sols.  

Arabic gum, gelatin, albumin, starch etc. are some common examples of lyophilic colloids. Gum sol, starch sol, sols of proteins in water, sols of polymers in organic solvents etc. is some examples of lyophilic sols


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