how is sample hardwater prepared for EDTA titration?

how is sample hardwater prepared for EDTA titration?

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13 years ago

Dear sindhu,

When acidic rainwater comes in contact with minerals like calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium, it readily dissolves them into the water. The more mineral the water contains, the “harder” the water is said to be. Total hardness of water is defined as the sum of calcium and magnesium ion concentrates and is expressed as calcium carbonate in milligrams per litre.

Hardness in water is neither classified as a Primary or Secondary water contaminant because it does not seem to have any major adverse effect on health, though using hard water may cause the skin to become dry and itchy. Hard water also clogs hair follicles causing unnecessary hair loss. Hard water interferes with the function of soaps and detergents making them less effective in lathering. Ions of calcium and magnesium form insoluble salts when mixed with soap or detergent. Hard water can very well stain plumbing fixtures with a whitish “soap scum”, when the water evaporates leaving behind the mineral precipitates.It is this mineral staining which appears on bathroom walls, clings to hair, clogs skin pores, and make house cleaning much more difficult. Hardness also clogs and obstructs water pipes, drains and faucets.


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12 years ago

You mentioned that hard water can clog pores and cause unnecessary hair loss. Could you tell me a little more about that?  I have very hard water where I live.  I have lived here for two years and just started to notice my hair thinning. Wondering if it could be from the water.

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