what are the other products we can manufacture from lime and how

what are the other products we can manufacture from lime and how 


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Calcined lime


Quicklime (or calcium oxide, or burnt lime), is obtained by calcining(controlled heating - time and temperature) limestone at temperatures above 900°C. This highly reactive product is essential to many industrial processes.
Dolomitic lime:
Dolomitic quicklime or Flux Dolomite is the name given to the quicklime formed from calcining a natural dolomitic limestone that contains nearly an equal molar weight percentage of calcium oxide to magnesium oxide. Ideally, this quicklime would contain 56% calcium oxide, 40% magnesium oxide, and 4% other major lime impurities such as iron oxide, aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, and sulfur.
Hydrated lime
The hydrated lime or Calcium Hydroxide is manufactured in different grades depending on the quality of limestone and requirement of different end users. We are manufacturers of hydrated lime and we offers a good prospect to small scale manufacturers for converting local resource into a very useful product.

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