Explain pointwise the anamalous behaviour of Fluorine.

Explain pointwise the anamalous behaviour of Fluorine.


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Anomalous Behaviour of Fluorine
Fluorine differs from rest of the members of its group because of its small size, high electro negativity and non availability of d orbitals in the valence shell.

1. The oxidation state of F in its compound is always –1 while other elements exhibit a large number of oxidation states (–1, +1, +3, +5, +6, +7).

2. Fluorine is the most reactive among halogens due to its low bond enthalpy. The latter arises due to the larger repulsion between the nonbonding electrons in the compact molecule.

3. Fluorine is the strongest oxidizing agent due to its high values of electro negativity and electron affinity.

4. Fluoride exhibits a large tendency to form complex ions ([AlF6]3–,[FeF6]3–) due to its small size. The other halides have much less tendency towards this complexation.

5. In its compound with hydrogen, it exhibits extensive hydrogen bondings.

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