What is colligative properties?

What is colligative properties?


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shailendra verma
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13 years ago

Those properties of solutions which depend only on the number of particles of the solute dissolved in a definite account of the solvent and not on the nature of solute are called COLLIGATIVE PROPERTIES.

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13 years ago

Dear abdullah,

Colligative properties are those properties of solutions that depend on the number of dissolved particles in solution, but not on the identities of the solutes. For example, the freezing point of salt water is lower than that of pure water, due to the presence of the salt dissolved in the water. To a good approximation, it does not matter whether the salt dissolved in water is sodium chloride or potassium nitrate; if the molar amounts of solute are the same and the number of ions are the same, the freezing points will be the same.

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