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deeksha sharma Grade: 11
        In PCl5 axial bonds are longer than equitorial bonds not in PF5. why?
7 years ago

Answers : (3)

aditya suman
39 Points

in pcl5 the axial bonds suffer repulsion from the equatorial bonds so they become long and weak but in pf5 the axial and equatorial bonds are of nearly equal length because the repulsion between the bonds tries to make axial bonds longer but fluorine being most electronegative makes the P-F bond shorter as a result axial bonds become nearly equal to equatorial bonds.

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7 years ago
11 Points
i disagree with the answers posted already as far as i know in case of PF5 axial F atoms exchange their positions with equitorial F atoms which is not the case for PCl5 hence in PCl5 due to different repulsions for axial and equitorial Cl atoms their bond length changes while for PF5 as axial and equitorial F atoms exchange their positions frequently so their bond length remains same, similar to the concept of resonance in which we have hybrid structure with all bond lengths same.
2 years ago
Anujay Singh
11 Points
All bonds of the molecule PF5 are equal because of Berry Pseudorotation. All the F atoms interchange among each other continuously at a very fast speed so the bond lengths are considered to be equal.
8 months ago
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