What is electron confinement. How does effect the colour of some substance

What is electron confinement. How does effect the colour of some substance


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Dear Deeksha ,

Electron confinement is the theory that as you try and find an electron in a very small space the uncertainty of its energy (or velocity) becomes very high. The area and uncertainty are inversely linked. In extremely small areas such as the volume of a proton the uncertainty is so great that the electron will very quickly move out of the small volume. The proof for this is that as the uncertainty increases of the energy the values of the energy tend to be randomly distributed along that uncertainty range. .By examining a finite volume of space the chance of an electron staying inside it decreases as the volume decreases as the uncertainty get higher the mean of the values of energy gets higher so it makes it less likely that it will stay in the volume.

The more electrons are confined, the closer the spacings between their energy levels and so the bluer the colors they absorb. Different ions obviously confine their electrons differently, and so have different colors.


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