what is the difference between electrovalency and valency?

what is the difference between electrovalency and valency?


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Electrovalency is a measurement of the net electric charge of an ion and is used when balancing chemical reactions. Electrovalency is related to the concepts of electronegativity and valence electrons, and indicates the number of electrons necessary for an ion to have a balanced electric charge.

Atoms that have an almost full or almost empty valence shells tend to be very reactive. Atoms that are strongly electronegative (as is the case with halogens) often only have one or two missing electrons in their valence shell, and frequently bond with other molecules or gain electrons to form anions. Atoms that are weakly electronegative (such as alkali metals) have relatively few valence electrons that can easily be lost to atoms that are strongly electronegative. As a result, weakly electronegative atoms tend to lose their electrons and form cations.


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