Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide


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Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide:-

(1) It is used in industry as a bleaching agent for textiles, paper, pulp, straw, leather, oils, fats, etc.

(2) Domestically, it is used as hair bleach and as a mild disinfectant.

(3) It is used in the manufacture of many inorganic compounds such as sodium perborates, and percarbonates wihich are important constituents of high quality detergents.

(4) It is used as an antiseptic for washing wounds, teeth and ears under the name perhydrol.

(5) It is used for the production of epioxides, propylene oxide and plyurethanes.

(6) It is used for the synthesis of hydroquinone, pharmaceuticals, food products like tartaric acid.

(7) It is used as an antichlor in bleaching.

(8) It is used for restoring the colour of lead paintings.

(9) It is used for preserving milk, wine and other liquors.

(10)             Recently H2O2 is used in environmental chemistry such as in pollution control treatment of domestic and industrial effluents, oxidation of cyanides and restoration of aerobic conditions to sewage wastes.

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