106 th element belongs to which block?

106th element belongs to which block?

Grade:12th pass

6 Answers

Naga Himanshu
57 Points
7 years ago
It belongs to `d` block.
mansi dabriwal
29 Points
7 years ago
its..right..but cn u explain the ans. plz....
Naga Himanshu
57 Points
7 years ago
According to electronic configuration of Seaborgium (106 element) i.e. [Rn] 7s5f146d4
outermost orbital is ‘d’. So from this representation we can say it belongs to ‘d’ block.
Anoopam Mishra
126 Points
7 years ago
It belongs to d block as its electronic configuration is [Rn] 5f14 6d4 7s2
44 Points
6 years ago
its belongs to d block 4 th group eliment
84 Points
6 years ago
yes it is right the ans. is it belongs to 4th group element

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