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Grade: 11
1)An atom has a mass of 0.02 kg and uncertainity inits velocity is 9.218x10^-6 m/s then, find the uncertainity in its position (h= 6.626x10^-34 Js)
2) Energy of H-atom in the ground state is -13.6 eV, find energy in the second excited state
3) Find the set of quantum numbers for 4f orbital
4) Find the wavelength of the radiation emitted, when in a hydrogen atom electron falls from infinity to stationary state 1.
5) Find the highest sets of quantum numbers that represent the highest energy of an atom
10 months ago

Answers : (1)

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Dear student
Please ask only one question in one thread.

in the case of a 4f orbital, we have n=4.

The letters correspond to the angular momentum quantum number in the following way:

s : l = 0

p : l = 1

d : l = 2

f : l = 3

(Historical note: the origin of the letters is from spectroscopy and they refer to sharp, principle, diffuse, and fundamental, respectively)

TL;DR 4f means n = 4, l = 3

10 months ago
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