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umesh chandrakant shah Grade: 12

I am in the 10th standard now. I want to crack iit from best institute. In my city @5 nos. of iit coaching classes are there. Viz. 1) Yukti Learning center, 2) Mind tree iit coaching, 3) IIT Ashram, 4) Vison, 5) Edunova iit coaching institute.  As per the advertisement in news pappers no. of students cracked iit last year from Yukti Learnig Center seems to be more. While IIT Ashram has more no. of students cracked AIEEE. Can you tell me which of the above classes are best for iit preparation, from your other sources and from your own analysis.

Further, some of the students go to KOTA Bansal or Resonence from Vadodara and change their state Board. Do you think it is a wise step to go to KOTA.? Please give me your proper guidence. Thanks.

8 years ago

Answers : (2)

AskIITians Expert Sunil,DCE
8 Points

If u compare KOTA with Mumbai institutes, then everyone  knows KOTA is mecca for IIT-JEE...But with these 5 institutes, other institutes from different part of India also have selections in IIT-JEE and AIEEE ...

Apart from these regular classroom coachings, is India’s first and truly online site that offers Online IIT-JEE, AIEEE course preparation, IIT JEE mock tests, Test series, Previous years video solutions to question papers, Full video recording of their lectures for your future reference, Comprehensive online study material, 24x7 helpline support to discuss your doubts with an IITian.

For more details on IIT-JEE,  u can visit-
All u need is a completed dedication and passion towards IIT-JEE with a good coaching.

8 years ago
Vishrant Vasavada
23 Points

I passed 10th standard this year from Gujarat Board. I have joined Parth Ashram (Its not IIT Ashram) and it is very good coaching institutes. Infact, last to last year, only five passed in IIT from Parth Ashram. Thats because it was its initial years. Since two years, new faculty has been appointed and the result this year directly jumped from 5 to 50 and that's good jump. And for your information, my class mate is in mind tree but on comparision, i feel that whatever material I get is better than Mind tree. I don't have idea about Yukti Classes.

Lsten to me. After you finish your boards, just relax till June. Then PA will start in June. First I was not serious. But I started my preparations from august. I have enrolled for Brilliant's Correspondence Material and my pick up now is best in Parth Ashram. So, its you who have to decide what to do... for details E-mail me on



8 years ago
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