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Grade: Upto college level
        can IIT be achieved by working hard hardy in our home without going to class? how can we prepare for IIT? as everyone tells,IIT is impossible for a 84% in 10th std student to achieve? is an IIT coaching class a must for achieving it? please do reply for this it is my life's most important part....!!!
10 years ago

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AskiitianExpert Shine
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IIT JEE is one of the most difficult competitive examinations in India at this point of time. Around 3 lakh people appear in the exam with about 6000 of them finally getting into the IIT's. The preparation for this exam normally begins with 11th standard and goes on for the next two years or even three. The number of attempts has been reduced to two recently.

The various options available for preparation are self study, coaching classes and correspondences. Coaching classes are now spread throughout the country. It has become a huge business in some cities. Some of the very famous coaching classes are Bansal classes, Resonance, Career Point, Narayana, Sri Chaitanya, KL in Kota. The major benefits of joining such classes is high quality teaching, well compiled study material, regular tests and high competition levels.

Self-study is the most important part of your preparation. Even if you join a coaching class, it is your effort which will take you through the exam. The teachers can only guide you. However, there are some things you should keep in mind. Relevance of what you stud is very important. If the JEE syllabus does not specify a particular topic, it will not really help you to read that topic. To get a feel of what type of questions are asked, you can refer to some papers from the past few years. The books that are used for preparation are more or less standard. Resnick Halliday, HC Verma, Morrison Boyd, P. Bahadur, J.D. Lee, M.L. Khanna etc. are generally the books you will be told to refer.

The pattern for JEE keeps changing every year and hence, a pattern based study will generally not help. JEE emphasizes on understanding of concepts and their application to problems rather than cramming up facts. Class X is basically mugging up facts and nt understanding the concepts , so ur class X marks do not show anything that wheteher u 'd be able to qualify or not. I have friends having just 70% in X but they qualified JEE.

So its entirely on ur hard work and commitment during these two years that 'll make u clear JEE. Do not get disheartened seeing ur X Standard marks, they mean nothin nw. Just give ur best shot, u'll make it to IITs.

if u are intersted in our online coaching then please read the following :

Live Online Tutoring
AskIITians provides live online tutoring for IIT-JEE. All you need is a computer system and a broadband connection to attend our live online classes. We run complete 1 year and 2 year live online batches to take care of your complete IIT-JEE preparation. If you are not comfortable with full time classes then you can go for Small Packages Of  Small Amount and book your session as per your comfortableness.


We provide FREE 'A Question A Day' where you can login to your askIITians account everyday and tryout AQAD By this you can easily compare yourself with other thousands of students. At the end of every month we will give you your rank amongst askIITians community (It's 5000 plus right now and growing very fast) and projected IIT-JEE and AIEEE rank along with complete analysis of your preparation for the grueling exams.

We are going to launch one of its kind 'Test Series' from 10th July. Herein you can login to your account and take free online tests. When you submit your tests we give you your projected IIT JEE Rank, percentile amongst askIITians registered students, your performance in each section, areas where you need to work and more interesting analysis to compare where you stand in your preparation.


We are providing you free study material for IIT-JEE Preparation. You can go for this very easily and access as per your requirement .


An IITian is always there for you!


Best of Luck!!!




10 years ago
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  • Test paper with Video Solution
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
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