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Suneel Kumar Ahirwar Grade: 12

Is it better to enter a college in MP or to take drop and try for IIT 2010

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Sumit kumar
8 Points


As u know there's a diff. in IIT and a college in M.P., so if u think you can take the drop and will be able to crack IIT-JEE in the next attempt, then I'll surely suggest you to go for a drop. Also I would like you to think what you want to do ultimately in your life, any job or MBA or go for another competetive exam like IAS or other? your ultimate aim plays an important role because if you are not satisfied with the your work after passing through IIT then there is no point in preparing so hard for IIT-JEE, or if you want to prepare for any competetive exam which have no connection with Science like IAS then I would suggest you to go in any college because you just wann to degree to take this Exam. But if you have passion and confidence of getting into IIT then go for it, but you know I doesn't take much time in loosing consistency, so when you are preparing your mind while taking any decision think many times because after taking admission in a college in M.P., many a times u'll feel that u could have made IIT. Also 1 year is a long time and if you are not able to make IIT after 1 year & you are taking admission in the same M.P. college then there's no point of waisting your year. So you will have to find answer for your question yourself based on your enthusiasm and passion for it.









8 years ago
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