jee advanced eligibility criteria?plz tell me i have got 75.25%in class 12 th and 57.7% in pcm.

jee advanced eligibility criteria?plz tell me i have got 75.25%in class 12th and 57.7% in pcm.


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Aziz Alam IIT Roorkee
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7 years ago

Admission to the 16 IITs and ISM Dhanbad will be based only on category wise All India Rank (AIR) in JEE (Advanced) - 2014, under the condition that such candidates are in the top 20 percentile ofsuccessful candidatesof their respective Boards (or equivalent examination) in their respective categories.

If the Board does not provide the information regarding the same, the candidate will have to produce a certificate from the concerned Board stating that he/she falls within the top 20 percentile.
If the candidate fails to do so, then theCBSE percentilewill be used as the criteria for deciding minimum percentage of marks in the qualifying examination.

If the Board awards only letter grades (without providing an equivalent percentage of marks on the grade sheet) the candidate should obtain a certificate from the Board specifying the equivalent marks, and submit it at the time of counselling.
In case such a certificate is not provided the decision taken by the Joint Implementation Committee (JIC) of JEE (Advanced) - 2014 will be final.

The top 20 percentile actually falls above 80 % in CBSE Board

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Aziz Alam
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