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==>>I got 130 marks in jee advanced(obc).can i get iit delhi any branch?? plz reply fast....

==>>I got 130 marks in jee          advanced(obc).can i get iit delhi any branch??
plz reply fast....


1 Answers

bharat bajaj IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty 122 Points
6 years ago
I dont think you may be able to get IIT Delhi..
Your predicted JEE Advanced 2014 Rank is between2601and2700
IIT GuwahatiW4401Design
IIT GuwahatiW4104Biotechnology
IIT(BHU) VaranasiV5304Industrial Chemistry
IIT(BHU) VaranasiV5240Metallurgical Engineering
IIT(BHU) VaranasiV5232Material Science and Technology
IIT(BHU) VaranasiV4130Mining Engineering
IIT(BHU) VaranasiV4106Ceramic Engineering
ISM DhanbadS5305Mathematics and Computing
ISM DhanbadS5247Mining Engineering
ISM DhanbadS4131Mining Machinery Engineering
ISM DhanbadS4129Mineral Engineering
IIT RoorkeeR5502Applied Mathematics
IIT RoorkeeR5303Geophysical Technology
IIT RoorkeeR4137Pulp and Paper Engineering
IIT RoorkeeR4135Polymer Science and Technology
IIT RoorkeeR4104Biotechnology
IIT MadrasM5602Physics
IIT MadrasM5207Biological Engineering
IIT KanpurK4201Chemistry
IIT KanpurK4103Biological Sciences and Bioengineering
IIT JodhpurJ4138Systems Science
IIT KharagpurG5507Physics
IIT KharagpurG5505Exploration Geophysics
IIT KharagpurG5504Economics
IIT KharagpurG5248Mining Safety Engineering
IIT KharagpurG5208Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering
IIT KharagpurG4102Agricultural and Food Engineering
Name of InstituteCourse CodeCourse Name
According to the data of last year as released by IIT, Your possible Branch & Institute can be one of the following.
Bharat BajajIIT Delhi
askiitians faculty

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