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I Find it difficult to get all the answer correct in multiple answer type qs with some advice to tackle those prblm..

I Find it difficult to get all the answer correct in multiple answer type qs with some advice to tackle those prblm..


1 Answers

Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty 300 Points
7 years ago
The following suggestions may help you-
  • Start thinking about a strategy.
  • You need to play to your strengths.
  • You need to learn to skip questions.
  • You have to identify the areas you are not so comfortable with.
  • It is advisable to experiment in your practice tests.
  • Learn to master multiple choice questions.
  • Multiple choice questions (MCQs) are very different from subjective questions. They provide for a lot of intelligent guesswork. So one needs to consciously ask while analysing tests, "Is there a way to answer this question using the choices?"
  • Time management holds the key in all entrance exams.
  • The core value of effective time management is focusing on the right things.
  • Remember the '80:20 Rule'. Usually 80 per cent of unfocussed efforts generate merely 20 per cent of results meaning the rest of the 80 per cent results are attained with 20 per cent efforts only. Focus and effective time management can be critical for your final score.
  • Revise all the fundamental concepts and identify and attempt as many types of questions as possible in a given topic.
  • Analyse the marking pattern for the exams that you're appearing for.
  • Negative marking means you must select questions you think you can answer, with care. If the paper does not have any negative marking, try and answer all questions, even if you're not sure of the answer.

Maintainyour cool while taking the test. Remember there are many questions that you can attempt. Do not get stuck at questions that take inordinately long time. The best attempts are made by those who manage to read through the entire paper. You can do that only if you master the art of test taking. All the Best!

Thanks & Regards

Aarti Gupta

Askiitians Faculty

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