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Grade: 11
I am facing problem to understand derivation of physics formula. What can I do
5 months ago

Answers : (3)

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Dear student
Please write the formula here. i will make you understand that derivation.
You can also attach an image.
5 months ago
Vikas TU
11767 Points
Dear student 
First follow the NCERT derivation religiously , 
If you find any difficulty , 
Please do not forgot to post here. 
Good Luck 
5 months ago
322 Points

 Important Topics:

To know the important topics you need the correct analysis of the previous year paper. Importance of a topic is decided on the basis of number of questions asked in previous year papers from that topic. More the number of questions asked from a topic more will be the importance of the topic. Some of the important topics are Electrodynamics, Mechanics, Modern Physics and SHM & Waves. Out of these topics more than 20 questions are generally asked in the examination.

3. Basic Concepts:

As we all know without knowing the basic concepts, we cannot solve the applied numerical problems in JEE Main Examination 2018. All students should learn the basic concepts of all topics so that they can easily solve any applied problem from any topics in JEE examination 2018.

4. Chapter Notes:

The notes are very important as we can’t remember the compete syllabus in the examination. This is the one point which can stop you to become the Topper. Students should prepare their own notes which will surely help them to score good marks in examination. The notes should include important topics, concepts, numerical problems and previous year questions.

5. Practice more numerical problems: 

As we all know “Practice makes everyone perfect”. Every student should practice more and more numerical questions which will help them to solve numerical problems in JEE Main Examination 2018.

6. Improve your speed:

Since many questions of Physics questions need a pen and paper to solve, you must practice a lot of questions in every study session. This will help you strengthen your concepts and will make you familiar with a variety of questions asked in the exam. The speed can be increase by practicing more and more sample papers, mock test papers.

7. Mathematics Concepts:

Some questions on this section can fairly advance requiring concept of Calculus (from Mathematics syllabus), so make sure you are aware of basic rules of integration and differentiation.

8. Overcome common Mistakes:

It is easy to get overconfident and make mistakes if the question seems easy. Most common mistakes are made in unit system where student ignore the difference between CGS and MKS systems. So, be patient and have the presence of mind while solving the questions.

3 months ago
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Course Features

  • 731 Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Test paper with Video Solution
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Previous Year Exam Questions

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