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Navjyot Kalra
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9 years ago


rahul kant
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9 years ago

as [e^-600/373] is greater than [e^-1000/373] , thus reaction 1 has greater number of collisions

jitender lakhanpal
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9 years ago

hi amit

the correct option is B

from the above equation we get

d(xy) = 0

xy = const.

it passes through (2,8)

so const = 16 so finally we get

xy = 16     this is a rectangular hyperbola

after algebraic manipulation we can write it as

{(x+y)/4root 2} - {(x-y)/4root 2} = 1 

now here comparing this with the equation of hyperbola

length of letus rectum is 8 root 2

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