it is possible to change in iitjee online application to change school is private or govrnment. plz tell me

it is possible to change in iitjee online application to change school is private or govrnment. plz tell me


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Godfrey Classic Prince
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9 years ago

Dear shubham gupta,

It is not possible if you have paid the fees and sent the Online Application Form but these are just trivial mistakes that everyone do when they are in haste. There is no need to panic. There is always a solution for any problem so do not be upset. This problem of yours is very common and you are not the only one to do this so just take this as an experience or knowledge which you can pass on to other students and help them out when they are in a similar situation like you are in.

Now,The best way out is to contact them and give them your application form Number and then seeking their help in that case. If they want you to send another Application form which they most probably would not ask to,then you will have to send it but just contact them before sending another application form. Here is the contact information,

  • Executive Director 
    JEE (Main) Secretariat 
    Central Board of Secondary Education, 
    PS-1-2, Institutional Area, I.P.Extn. Patparganj, 
    Delhi-110 092.
  • Email :


If you have not sent the application form then you can correct it before sending the same.


Hope this helped you immensely..!!

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Godfrey Classic Prince


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9 years ago

Yes now acc. to the latest upload by JEE MAINS you can make changes in your form in January/February by visiting 

For more details please visit the above mentioned site and click on the public notice.

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