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which book to be followed for apptitude

which book to be followed for apptitude


1 Answers

askIITians Faculty 747 Points
6 years ago
R.S Aggarwal: Frankly speaking, go for it if preparing for the likes of campus recruitments(even GRE for that matter) because its questions are straightforward and direct with very little manipulations and almost no tricky part involved.And, as someone aptly mentioned in their answer, it contains questions with the repetitive logic but, with a change of values involved. So, if you are opting this book for say a tougher exam, it won't do your bidding.

Arun Sharma: This book has more tricky and multi-layered questions making it the book of choice for exams like CAT. The logic focused on is pretty good, is not repetitive. However, if you are preparing for a exam like campus recruitments this book will not be that efficient as you will not utiling your time.

If you are just asking in view of your personal mental development then, Arun Sharma can take down R.S Aggarwal anytime. If it is that you are selectively preparing for some exams it'll be better to take up R.S Aggarwal for campus recruitments and so(because that's the type of questions they ask) and Arun Sharma for exams of the likes of CAT(coz, the former wouldn't be able to give you the idea of questions asked there)

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