Sir, please tell me which book should I buy for my preparation for IIT-JEE and AIEEE. I am totally confused, if you tell me which books would be best for me, I shall be greatly thankful, but sir please dont give me list of books, just tell me only three books for each subject.

Sir, please tell me which book should I buy for my preparation for IIT-JEE and AIEEE. I am totally confused, if you tell me which books would be best for me, I shall be greatly thankful, but sir please dont give me list of books, just tell me only three books for each subject.


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6 years ago
Best Physics Books for IIT JEE

1.Concepts of Physics (Volume I & II) -H.C Verma
This is the best book for Mechanics, Electrostatics, Optics, Modern Physics and Heat & waves for novices and intermediates alike. The book contains high quality solved numerical problems and easy to understand fundamentals to help students form a strong foundation of the subject.
2.Fundamentals of Physics– Resnick, Haliday, Walker
A calculus based physics book currently in its tenth edition that extensively covers Mechanics, Waves, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Optics and Special Relativity. Good for intermediate level students.
3.Problems in General Physics– I.R Irodov
A rather advanced level book for students who love to work on tough problems.This book serves best for preparing Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism and Modern Physics.
4.Understanding Physics (All volumes)– D.C Pandey
A good book series for clearing the basic fundamentals and contains numerous problems, sample problems, test papers etc. to help out students.

Best Maths Books for IIT JEE Preparation

1.Objective Mathematics –R.D Sharma
A book for beginners and intermediate students alike, this books presents the fundamentals in the most easy and comprehensive way. This book contains numerous solved and unsolved problems.
2.Higher Algebra –Hall and Knight
As the name suggests, this book is for IIT JEE aspirants preparing Higher Algebra. Key topics are Ratio & Proportions, Variation, Arithmetical Progression, Geometrical progression, Harmonical progression, Permutations & Combinations etc.
3.IIT Mathematics –M. L Khanna
Another very comprehensive book to help students with their basics of various topics and contains numerous solved and unsolved questions ranging from easy to tough.
4.Problems Plus in IIT –Das Gupta
Hailed as the H.C Verma of Mathematics, this book contains really good problem sets and is a favorite of intermediate and advance students.
5.MCQ– Das Gupta
Another book from the same author that contains really good multiple choice style problems. This book is for Advance students.
6.Plane Trigonometry –S.L. Loney
The book contains detailed theoretical and practical knowledge of Trigonometry. A must read for strengthening vectors.
7.Problems in Calculus of one variable – I.A. Maron
A really good book for differential calculus, a must have for intermediate and advanced students.

Best Chemistry books for IIT JEE Preparation

1.Organic Chemistry –Morrison & Boyd
Hailed as the bible of Organic Chemistry, this book starts from the very basic and builds up to a really advanced level. This book covers everything from a theoretic point of view so, students are advised to keep IIT JEE syllabus with them to save their time and study only the topics that come in JEE Examination.
2.Concise Inorganic Chemistry –J.D. Lee
A great book to clear your Inorganic fundamentals, this book will provide you all the knowledge you need for Inorganic Chemistry.
3.New Pattern Organic Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced –O.P. Tandon
This book contains chapters on Classification & Nomenclature, Stereochemistry, Alcohols and Phenols, Ethers, Biomolecules etc. This book is highly recommended for IIT JEE aspirants, also for students who are taking other competitive exams.
4.Numerical Chemistry –R.C. Mukherjee
One of the best Physical Chemistry books for JEE Exam Preparation. The book contains multiple problems ranging from conceptual to numerical. This book covers all kinds of numericals for IIT JEE aspirants.
5.Physical Chemistry –P.W. Atkins
This book covers in detail concise explanations and presentations of concepts; several solved examples and mock-tests. The book is quite popular amongst students preparing for JEE and other entrance exams.
Ayushmaan Vardhan
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6 years ago
Buy the above given books and follow these tips –Stay focused on your studies and keep in mind that one must focus on Physics, Chem and Maths, try to fortify these three, take some coaching classes from a reputed place like Akash Inst etc, then to download previous years’ question paper of JEE mains and advanced and practice solving them, try to enhance speed to answer maximum questions in lesser possible time and finally appear in Jee mains – do well – then appear in JEE Advanced – do well again, It would be better if you would mix the subjects that is do Physics for two-three days, then, may be shift to some topic of Chemistry or Math. This would help keeping things not-exhausting.Now, once you have brushed up a topic, solve some random problems from a book specifically on that topic.Now the most important task during all this is to mark the examples or formulae you find difficult to remember and then keep an eye on IITs/NITs counselling rounds and thus institutions are allotted otherwise ther may be second option to visit the official websites of some renowned institutions offering technical name a few – Siddaganga Inst of Tech, Tumkur,............AU College of ENgg, Vishakhapatnam,.............Bhagalpur college of Engg, Bhagalpur,..........Lovely Professional Uni, Phagwara

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