In paper two, i think, two answers given by iit are wrong. They are Qno 1,6 of code 9

In paper two, i think, two answers given by iit are wrong.

They are Qno 1,6 of code 9


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vaisakhan sreekumar
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11 years ago

A week after the Indian Institute of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) was held across the country, students are now raising doubts over a question in the physics section of paper-II. The students claim that there was a printing error in a diagram on which the question was based. "According to the query, there was a shaded region in the disc. However, none of the regions were shaded. The question carried three marks," said a student on the condition of anonymity. "The diagram had a shaded region on one side of its diameter and an unshaded section on the other side as it is shown in the figure. The question set a condition and gave students four options based on the shaded and unshaded regions," said another student. "Several students who got paper code 4 and 7 have complained that the diagram was completely white and had no shaded region. Some others, who received the paper bearing other codes, claimed that the same question had a shaded portion. IIT-JEE organizers usually print different question papers with the same questions but change the chronological order," he added. The IITs have ruled out any compensation marks. "I am not claiming that the diagram was prominently shaded in the question paper but the students would have spotted the shaded section had they looked closely," said chairperson of IIT-JEE 2012 GB Reddy.

aman gupta
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11 years ago

No In my paper shaded part was clearly visible. But still in that question answer must be A

I am attaching my solution of both the questions.



hxaj xcjj
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11 years ago

in the rotating disc question i got option A itself..but since iit gave C then they should be right..

in the cylinder question i got the same answer as - if the material is less dense than 0.5 then there should be more amount of water present inside so that it is half submerged..

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