is iit difficult

is iit difficult


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Dear muvva shilpa,

Not at all dear. The only requirement is that you need a heart to work for it & savour the victory that you get ultimately after working hard for years.

IIT-JEE is all about desire & hardwork. If you think that you want to have a future of opportunities and reward & if you think you want to spend your adolescence in one of the premier institutions in the country then you better put on your thinking hats & get set for IIT-JEE.

Heres is something that can help you ,

ISEET : Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test - 2013

It would be up to each institution or groups of institutions or state agencies to conduct counselling and admission.

Ministry wants to bring change in the current education system to give relief to students by introducing a common entrance test for all these technical institutions inspite of multiple tests as there are around 15 lakh engineering aspirants across the country and over 150 entrance tests are conducted for admission to these institutes.But, this requires the states’ consent to the proposal for its implementation all over the country,” sources said.

A meeting of the state education ministers on the issue is “tentatively” scheduled on February 22.

"At the meeting, the states will be urged to deliberate on the issue and take a view on the implementation of the recommendations of the Ramasami Committee," sources added.

ISEET, the Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test will be successor to the JEE and AIEEE. This new SAT-style exam will come into force in 2013. It will do away with multiple entrance examinations and reduce the stress levels of students. ISEET will have two parts, Main and Advance, each of three hours duration. Both tests will be given on the same day, between 10 am and 5 pm. ISEET 2013 will be held in either March or April.

ISEET will be objective-type exam and will test comprehension, critical thinking and logical reasoning. Its advance level will test problem-solving ability in basic science subjects. Both the tests together will indicate a candidate’s scholastic level and aptitude for science and engineering.

Class XII board performance will have a weightage of not less than 40 percent and the combined weightage of ISEET Main and Advance will not be more than 60 percent, however the weightage given to Board scores can go up to 100 percent.

Each state government or institute will be able to decide the specific weight it gives to Board, Main and Advance exam scores. A committee headed by Dr T Ramasami, secretary in the Department of Science & Technology, has demonstrated with the help of the Indian Statistical Institute that school scores across various Boards can be normalized through a statistical process. ISEET will be conducted by CBSE. Further modalities will be worked out by an academic group headed by the director of IIT, Kanpur.


Hope this helped you immensely..

All the Very Best & Good Luck to you ...



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