I am studying 10 cbse, i want best institute in for iit jee coaching in hyderabad and kota, which is best between hyderabad and kota and which is best inter or cbse 11,12th please give the reply

I am studying 10 cbse, i want best institute in for iit jee coaching in hyderabad and kota, which is best between hyderabad and kota and which is best inter or cbse 11,12th please give the reply


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Ashwin Sinha
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12 years ago
Dear Yallaji,
I can say only this, ki Kota is the best in all aspects!rocks!!!!!!!!!
Cbse schools are also good!!
Good Luck!!
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12 years ago
No coaching can give u anything till u dont work with.
There are many distraction in kota.
If u wish to go u may but u hav 2 cope up with its tight study schedule and work for day nd nights..
fiitjee hyderabad would be a good option.
becoz they willnot pressurize u in2 nythng
but fiitjee means u hav 2 study everythng on ur own before the class.
they jst give u a finishing touch so that u get a high rank..
it depends on u becoz ny coaching institute doesnot give u much . u hav 2 manage on ur own..
they just give path, guidance n will make u flow in proper direction.
working, understanding hav 2 be done by urself otherwise beleive me u will completly be lost after u complete 2 yrs...
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12 years ago

definately i would recommend for you to study in hyd...because if you have seen the inter text books they cater more useful information in a more elaborated wayy than cbse...moreover,as u are aspiring for iitjee,in hyd u can study for inter boards just before 10-15 days and get above 90% very easily...!!!

coming to colleges in hyd...,i would recommend you to join any of the narayana iit academy in the nallakunta and narayanaguda zone...because these being the central zones for narayana institute offer you with best faculty and you have all indai level competition in these will be definately assured of any good rank if you join here....better for you to write the entrance test for narayana so that you may get selected into the creamy layer also...

thus instead of going all way to kota,you can select you college in hyd itself...!

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priyanka tata

sridhar sharma
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12 years ago
better go fiitjee
well if u aim to join narayana(i don't advice u that institute )
don't follow narayana material
its useless
 follow brilliant or fiitjee or resonance material instead if u aim to go to kota join a good institute like bansal /fiitjee /resonance
if u don't believe me check the spark sections of narayana use brilliant tutorials /other high level reference books or materials and a final work coaching doesn't matter ur hard work pays
all the very best for ur future
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7 years ago
NANO-Special Coaching centre is the best for IIT-JEE @Nallakunta & Dilsukhnagar (HYDERABAD)
sindhoor gk
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6 years ago
narayana, fiitjee and nano are good options but they have their own draw backs.
NARAYANA :- Narayana is an institute which trains you to do any type of problem without knowing the concepts.even if u get a high rank in jee, u will have to suffer a lot after getting enrolled in iit as u will not be through with the concepts.
FIITJEE:- Fiitjee is an excellent institute which teaches u ‘self study’ .but fiitjee means u hav 2 study everythng on ur own before the class.they jst give u a finishing touch so that u get a high rank.but they pressurise the top 2 batches and leave the other batches to read on their own.
nano:- though they exclaim themselves as the best they dont clarify your doubts properly.
i recommend rb iit acadamy nallakunta and vision 40 iit acadamy 40 is established in 2014  and did a great work in these 2 years and became one of the best acadamies in hyderabad (top 8) i recommend it as it has the best faculty who obtained graduation in iit’s,nit’s and worked  famous acadamies like ramaiya ,fiitjee  earned the credit of producing single digit iit i recommend vision 40. 
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6 years ago
In hyderabad Shri chaitanya is the best iit coaching center.So you should try in it because it is the best coaching centre in whole hyderabad.
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6 years ago
The above response regarding Vision40 looks like a blatant propaganda piece & makes for some funny reading. Is there any agency which certifies some institute to be in the top eight as claimed? What is the basis for such claims? Most people feel that Vision is nothing but a glorified tuition centre charging high fees. What I heard is that they have no systematic training. Faculty come & give lectures as they please with no control by the institute. There is no curriculum, plan or structure. The management is more interested in marketing and promotion and the latest message they are promoting is that it is the only IIT institute with swimming pool & basketball court. Really! is that why some one should opt for your IIT coaching? Talk about misplaced priorities.
And RESULTS- despite tall claims no results to show. Forget about IITs, not even in the NITs or even in Intermediate board exams.
Rahul Konda
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6 years ago
avoid vision40 – all show no result. you can study better at your home. but i second sindhoorg opinion about RB IIT academy at nallakunta. Rama Brahmam sir did not appear to be commercial minded like vision 40 and he himself teaches maths there. i studied for a month before my dad got transferred to Pune.
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6 years ago
i am a student of vision 40.i recommend it as  teachers here are the best.they won’t leave u until u r 100 percent clear with the the way rahul konda u r has got an excellent result of jee mains 2017.out of 203 students approximately 165 students got qualified with high ranks.i dont remember the exact number. they even celebrated it’s success  in the amberpet campus there by distributing sweets to all the students of vision 40. 

For details please refer this post: Best IIT Coaching Institute in Kota

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