(1+cost) (1+sint) =5/4 then (1-cost) (1-sint) =

(1+cost) (1+sint) =5/4 then (1-cost) (1-sint) =


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Yash Jain
55 Points
8 years ago
The answers I got are 0.08772 and 6.41227
See, what I did is, I took the value of req. exp as x
Then I multiplied both the eq. to get the value of Sin2t = sqrt(5x)
Then I simplified the second eq. (1-Cost)(1-Sint) = x
I got, x = ¾ + Sin2x = ¾ + sqrt(5x)
So on solving the eq., x = 0.08772 and 6.41227
But I guess the second value is not possible for the given equation.
So, the only answer is 0.08772


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