Why is the field inside a hollow sphere zero?

Why is the field inside a hollow sphere zero?


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Saurabh Koranglekar
askIITians Faculty 10335 Points
2 years ago
This can be explained in two ways-Theoretically, by using Gauss law

Gauss law equation says that ,the field or flux within a close surface is equal to the net charge enclosed within that volume divided by the permittivity of the medium.

In a hollow sphere, with the charge on the surface of spheres, there is no charge enclosed within the sphere, since all the charges are in surface. Hence there is no electric field within the sphere.

Secondly, consider the same sphere with uniform positive charge distribution on the surface.Now, take a point within the sphere. Since there is charge in all area of the surface, each point on the surface give an outward field to that point inside the sphere, and the net effect is zero,since each field line cancels the other field line opposite to it. Literally it is like, pushing the door in both the sides,the door doesn’t move. Same in the above case.

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