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Grade: 9
Why energy is a scalar quantity ? 
and how ? And light is a vectar or scalar quantity 
5 months ago

Answers : (2)

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we can say that energy consumed is equal to the work done. 
Energy = Work= F*s, here both the force and the time is vector quantity. And we know that the product of two vector quantities give the scalar quantity. So we can say that energy is a scalar quantity.
5 months ago
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Energy is definetly a scalar quantity why? Let us define scalars it comprises of magnitude and a unit whereas a vector comprises of magnitude, unit and direction.

Scalar quantities are represented by Dot product A.B=ABcos(teta)

Vectors are represented by Cross product A*B=ABsin(theta)n (where n is unit vector)

now by formula of energy.


You see the formula here is actually a dot prouct and furthermore there is no such quantity sepecifying direction.

Hope this helps.

4 months ago
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