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Why does dust stick to rotating fan propeller?

Why does dust stick to rotating fan propeller?


1 Answers

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7 years ago
Here are some of my observations: If a fan is not used, the sticking of dust is at the same rate as other objects. If a fan is used, even the rotation is slow, the dust can still stick much faster than un-used fan. The dust not only stick at the propeller, but also the cover bar behind and in front of it. It can give a thick layer of dust at both place. There is (plastic ?) coating around the fan, so not metal is direct expose there. Dust accumulation is a bit faster near the kitchen. The fan surface also has many oil. Hence, I think that the most important reason of high sticking rate should be the high throughput of the air. Dust will not move toward the fan itself. For the reason of sticking, I think the it should be due to the electrostatic charge on the dust. It is similar to the dust removal in power plant. Also, dust can adhere at most common surface such as table, wall and plastic, so whether the fan has charge should not be important factor. Both electrostatic charge and oil should increase the sticking rate. After the initial sticking, the rough surface should allow easier sticking for later dust, so I guess the accumulation rate speed up.

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