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what is saturated and unsaturated vapoure pressure?

what is saturated and unsaturated vapoure pressure?


1 Answers

Saurabh Koranglekar
askIITians Faculty 10341 Points
one year ago
There is amaximum limitof water vapour that air(given quantity) can hold at a particulartemperature.When this limit is reached,the air is said to be saturated.When air is saturated, the relative humidity will be 100 percent that is now no more water or moisture can be added to that air keeping the temperature constant.

When the air does not contain the maximum amount of water vapour it is said to be unsaturated for that temperature.

A saturated air will become an unsaturated air if you raise the temperature alone(note that volume of air does not change).Similarly,if you decrease the temperature alone of an unsaturated air, it will become saturated.

The saturated condition can be expressed in terms of the pressure exerted by the water vapour.Water vapour,being a gas exerts its own pressure and thereby contributes to the total pressure of air.

In saturated condition, the saturation vapour pressure is identical with the actual pressure of the vapour in the air for a particular temperature

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