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what is hypersonic wave please explain with the example.

what is hypersonic wave please explain with the example.


2 Answers

Dissection Guru
39 Points
10 months ago
Hey Mate, Hypersonic waves are those waves which travel at speed much greater than speed of sound. Their, starting speed, in most cases, is Mach 5. 
Now, You may confuse it with Supersonic Speed.
So, I would like to clarify that Supersonic Waves travel at a speed that is maximum Mach-3 and they can’t exceed that limit. 
saransh jain
18 Points
4 months ago
A flow of wave  is called hypersonic if the Mach number is greater than 5. This means that the flow speed is more than five times the speed of sound. In air at room temperature, the speed of sound is around 340 m/s, so a Mach 5 flow would have a flow speed of 1.7 km/s or just over 6,000 km/h.

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