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What is bragg's law and why do we use it???

What is bragg's law and why do we use it???


2 Answers

Mukesh Sharma
askIITians Faculty 43 Points
7 years ago
when x-rays are scattered from a crystal lattice, peaks of scattered intensity are observed which correspond to the following conditions:

The angle of incidence = angle of scattering.

The path length difference is equal to an integer number of wavelengths

That is n *lambda=2dsintheta called braggs law
we use it to find the structural details of a crystal, if crystal structure is known we can find the wavelength by using bragg's law

Thanks & regards

Mukesh Sharma

Ask iiTians Faculty, Jiwaji university , Gwalior

askiitian expert Rahul iitd
askIITians Faculty 10 Points
7 years ago
Bragg's law gives the condition of strong reflection of the X rays when they are made to diffract from soild crystals. It is given as
n\lambda = 2d\sin\theta \,,
d = interplanar distance of the crystal
? = Angle made by X ray beam with the planes
? = Wavelength of X ray
n = integer
We get different angles corresponding to different n for one wavelength.
It is used to get information about the crystals like interplanar spacing and other information about the structure of the solid.

Thanks and Regards
Rahul kumar
askIITians faculty
IIT Delhi

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