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Grade: 6
Two pendulum bobs A and B are hung side by side in contact with another at rest each supported by a thread of 2m long. A has a mass of 0.2Kg and B has a mass of 0.8Kg. Bob  A is then pulled to one side with its thread tight until it o.1 m higher. Then it is released so that it collides with B. After collision B gain 0.5m of higher. Calculate (i) the speed of A before impact
(ii) the speed of B just after impact
(iii) the speed kf A after impact
(iv) the height gained by A after impact
(V) the loss of kinetic energy/ energy as result of the impact
9 months ago

Answers : (1)

Vikas TU
11769 Points
Dear student 
I request you to kindly attach iamge of the question , 
We will try to help you , 
Good Luck 
9 months ago
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