Prevention from learning physics without higher education?

Prevention from learning physics without higher education?


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Vikas TU
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2 years ago
Learning Physics without a formal background is a tall order. Physics involves the language of mathematics as its primary mode of realizing answers to problems and phenomena. This kind of mathematics takes years of development (school -> high school -> college -> graduate school). However, given enough zeal (which we would otherwise call passion, but passion is misunderstood and can be taken away in a whim) you can be successful if you stick to a routine. You have no shortcuts in mathematics. Take it from someone who has failed mathematics in his youth and is now trying to recover the lost time. I find that I have just so much to learn, but I have made it a goal to continue learning something for as long as I can. Keep to a schedule; dedicate a little time every day, week or month, and you'll see progress. There is much ground to cover if you lost out on the math along the way, but don't skimp on anything and you're on the right path. Understand every little detail and you'll get to a point where you realize that there are some things where developing intuition does not work and you'll have to just "get used to it". That is the point where you finally "get it", and can feel proud that you have achieved "learning physics". Best of luck!

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