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Grade: 12
please explain metre bridge
5 years ago

Answers : (4)

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Metre bridge is one form of Wheatstone’s bridge. It consists of thick strips of copper, of negligible resistance, fixed to a wooden board. There are two gaps G1 and G2 between these strips.
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5 years ago
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Meter bridge works on principle of wheat stone consists of mangani wire of uniform cross section one meter in length which isfixed on a wooden board and two L-shaped copper strips r arranged on woodenboard.two gaps G1,G2r formed btw two strips by means of another strip
5 years ago
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The working of a Meter Bridge is based on the principle of Wheat stone bridge . It is a simpler form of Wheat stone bridge and is more accurate because , the resistances R and S can be changed in a continuous fashion . It is called a meter bridge it consists of a wire AB of one meter length .
5 years ago
E.Nandhini ketha
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The metre bridge is operates under Wheatstone’s principle.
The metre bridge, also known as the slide wire bridge consists of a one metre long wire of uniform cross sectional area, fixed on a wooden block. A scale is attached to the block. Two gaps are formed on it by using thick metal strips in order to make the Wheat stone’s bridge. The terminal B between the gaps is used to connect galvanometer and jockey.
2 years ago
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