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Mercury does not wet the glass surface. This property of mercury is due to (A)​ Adhesion (B)Cohesion (C)Surface Tension (D) Viscosity

Mercury does not wet the glass surface. This property of mercury is due to
(C)Surface Tension
(D) Viscosity


5 Answers

Gman Namg
420 Points
6 years ago
its due to surface tension(C)
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11 Points
4 years ago
I think sir cohesion is the right answer if the examiner said about fluid characteristics,but here it is clearly noted that which property,and we know that surface tension is a property and which is due to cohesion .thats why the is surface tension.
Milan Patel
24 Points
3 years ago
Property of fluid for bond between fluid particles and other material is due to adhesion property. So, I think it should be (a) adhesion.....I`m not sure...
Shubham sachdeva
19 Points
3 years ago
Actually the non wetting phenomenon which the mercury shows with glass is due to the readon that air-mercury adhesion overcomes the mercury glass adhesion. So amswer should be adhesion.
15 Points
2 years ago
Surface tension is the right ans. As it is the property of fluid ., Which is due to cohesive force which is fluid character stics

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