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Is Newton's third compatible with retarded Lorentz force?

Is Newton's third compatible with retarded Lorentz force?


1 Answers

Vikas TU
14149 Points
10 months ago
If the charges moved uniformly for long enough in the past time, the electric forces are along the joining line of the particles, even if retardation is taken into account. The magnetic fields are perpendicular to velocities, so there are arrangements in which the momentum of the particles is not conserved; perhaps there is some special where momentum is conserved - can you find one?
If the particles accelerate, not even the electric fields are along the joining line, and the forces may not be even of the same magnitude. In such case, in general the momentum of the particles will no be conserved.
If electromagnetic momentum is defined based on Maxwell equations and the Lorentz force formula, and if the total momentum includes it, the total momentum is still conserved, but the electromagnetic momentum will not be as "visible", since it is not ordinary momentum of any particle, but is distributed in the whole space, most of it near the particles.

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