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Is it possible to blur an image in such way that a person with sight problems could see it sharp?

Is it possible to blur an image in such way that a person with sight problems could see it sharp?


1 Answers

Vikas TU
14149 Points
one year ago
The way good vision works is to ensure that all the light hitting any particular small area of your retina comes from the same direction in front of you. Conversely, all the light coming from one direction hits one specific spot on your retina.
When you have bad vision, the light from a locus of nearby directions all hits on the same part of your retina, and the light from a particular direction is smeared out over an area on your retina. Hence, blurred vision is an averaging effect. When you look at the dots, you'll see them smear out into each other.
You might try to compensate for this by making a "counter-blurred" image where the source dots are smaller, but if the original dots are close enough that light from the center of one dot is spilling over to overlap light from the center of the second dot, making the dots smaller won't fix that problem. Hence, the dots will always appear blurred. You can't create the impression that the original has for someone with good vision.
A photograph is really just a bunch of nearby dots, and so the same problem applies.
I don't know about the 3D monitor, though. I suppose if it can control the direction of light coming off it, it could be modified to focus the light some and create a sharp image for someone with blurred vision.

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