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Grade: 12th pass


If T 1 is the time of up the ball to maximum height and T 2 is the of down the ball from maximum height to ground. Then which is one greater If “Air Drag” is also considered or both (T 1 and T 2 ) are Equal???

4 years ago

Answers : (2)

Vikas TU
12130 Points
for upward,
h  = uT1 – 0.5gT1^2................(1)
for downward,
h = 0 + 0.5gT2^2..........(2)
comparing  both the eqns.
it seems,
h is more for 2nd eqn.
therfore T2 would be more. for downward time.
4 years ago
Kuldeep Pal
53 Points
Dear Vikas,
 U should also consider ‘Air Drag’.
 the way us solve the solution is seems like the general sase of free falling.
 and in free falling case both T1 and T2 Are same.
 And there is dependency of time and Distance.(Distance is just a comparing Quantity.)
4 years ago
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