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Grade: 12th pass


If earth stops suddenly then the weight of object will?

2 years ago

Answers : (2)

askIITians Faculty
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							Dear student.

The weight will increase. This is so because when the earth is rotating, the two forces acting on a body on the surface of earth are gravitational attraction towards the center fo earth and a centrifugal force away from the center due to its rotation. Hence the net weight of body is lesser. If the earth stops rotating, this centrifugal force would disappear and so the weight would increase.

2 years ago
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The centrifugal force due to rotation of the earth is greatest at the equator and minimum at the poles. If the earth stops rotating then there would be no centrifugal force(whose direction is away from the core of the earth). Thus the force due to gravity is not minimised at all. Which in turn increases an object's weight.
If we consider a person whose mass is 60kg standing on the equator then,
 His weight when earth is not rotating = 589.178899 newton
His weight when earth rotates as usual = 587.141687 newton
Note that weight is nothing but the downward force we experience towards earth's core.
In the above calculations I have used gravitational force= GMm/R^2
 And centrifugal force(which minimises gravity) = mV^2/R
Where G=Universal Gravitational Constant,
             M= Mass of Earth
             m=Mass of the person
             V=Linear Rotational Velocity of Earth
             R= Equatorial Radius of Earth
I Hope it helps you
one year ago
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