how are electromagnetic wave produced?

how are electromagnetic wave produced?


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Saurabh Koranglekar
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3 years ago
Acharged particleproduces an electric field. This electric field exerts a force on other charged particles. Positive charges accelerate in the direction of the field and negative charges accelerate in a direction opposite to the direction of the field.
Amoving charged particleproduces a magnetic field. This magnetic field exerts a force on other moving charges. The force on these charges is always perpendicular to the direction of their velocity and therefore only changes the direction of the velocity, not the speed.
Anaccelerating charged particleproduces an electromagnetic (EM) wave. Electromagnetic waves are electric and magnetic fields traveling through empty space with the speed of light c. A charged particle oscillating about an equilibrium position is an accelerating charged particle. If its frequency of oscillation is f, then it produces an electromagnetic wave with frequency f. The wavelength λ of this wave is given by λ = c/f. Electromagnetic waves transport energy through space. This energy can be delivered to charged particles a large distance away from the source.

Accelerating charges produce changing electric and magnetic fields. Changing electric fields produce magnetic fields and changing magnetic fields produce electric fields.This interplay between induced electric and magnetic fields leads to propagating electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves can propagate through free space.

Assume a charge q located near the origin is accelerating. It therefore produces electromagnetic radiation.

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