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Grade: 12th pass
        Hello sir please solve this question fastAnd the answer given in book is 3.75m
one year ago

Answers : (1)

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Height = 5m
Time taken by the first drop to reach ground, t can be found using the eqn s = ut + ½ at
s=5m, u=0, a=10 m/s
5 = 0*t + [½* 10*t]
Solving it gives t = 1 s
So, the 1st drop takes 1s to reach the ground.
Therefore, the drops are spaced 0.25s apart.
In 0.25 second, the drop falls s’ metres.
s’ = ut + ½ at
s’ = = 0*0.25 + [½* 10 * (0.25)] = 0.625m
So, when the first drop stikes the ground, the third drop will be 1.25m (2*0.625m) from the tap..
Therefore the height at which the 3rd drop is from the ground = 5-1.25 = 3.75m
one year ago
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