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Grade: 12
        Derive an expression for the loss of energy when two conductors at different potentials are brought into electrical contact. Account for this energy
2 years ago

Answers : (1)

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During the sharing of charges between the different bodies no net loss of charge takes place. During this process some energy is disappeared in the form of heat. But some amount of energy is scattered in sharing between these charges.Now if we want to calculate the total loss of energy during the process then we have to take two capacitors having capacity C1, C2.These also have their distinct potentials say V1 and V2. As we have discussed above that the charge always flows from the capacitor having higher potential to the capacitor having less potential.

So, their common potential is given by the equation below:
V=(C1V1+C2V2) / C1+C2

initial energy E=1/2 C1V12+1/2 C2V22

final energy E=1/2(C1+C2)V2

substitute the common potential in final energy equation

taking the difference between e1 and e2 we will obtain the loss of energy

we will get e1-e2 as positive value


the difference of energy is dissipated as heat or sparkling

2 years ago
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