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Grade: 11


Define scalar and vector quantities and distinguish between them

4 years ago

Answers : (3)

k sowmya
13 Points
vector is a physical quantity which has both magnitude and direction.ex:velocity,acceleration,force,weight.
4 years ago
Vikas TU
12134 Points
Scalar quantity basically associates with one dimensional quantity.
But the vector quantity has direction with it.
For example-> Force, Displacement, Area etc.
Scalar includes current, Temperature etc.
4 years ago
Akanksha Singh
39 Points
  •  scalar quantity                     
  1. It has magnitude only
  2. It cannot be (+ve) or (-ve) 
  3. It cannot be Zero (0)  
  • vector quantity
  1. It has both magnitude and direction 
  2. It can be (+ve) or (-ve)
  3. It may be Zero (0)     
3 years ago
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