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Grade: 11
A wave is represented by-
where A,B,C are constants.The dimensions of A,B,C are:

Please explain step by step Thankyou
2 years ago

Answers : (1)

Nicho priyatham
625 Points
remember an other thing that the functions INSIDE trignomertic functions,log functions,exp functions 
are also dimensionless
EXAMPLE : in equation F=F0sin (K+M) (say F=force)
                     K+M is dimensionless
  so similarly in the equation y=asin(At-Bx+C)
          the term (At-Bx+C) must be dimensionless so each term is dimensionless
         so At is dimensinoless so dimensions of A=[ T-1
   and  similarly Bx is dimensionless and dimensions of B=[L-1]
and also C is dimensionless
PLZ APPROVE if usefull in case of any doubt  drop it in ans box
2 years ago
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